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The post, which we also saw on other websites , said that violent clashes Aug. 12 between white nationalists and people demonstrating against their Unite the Right rally were possibly the result of a coordinated protest.

Right in the heart of downtown Toronto, look out on the street and we see what appears to be a post-racial world: walking down the street are people of every colour. Look inside our downtown high school, however, and the story is quite different in our teaching staff; out of 59 teachers last school year, we identified just seven as being of colour. Though we didn’t consciously notice this disconnect, we, two non-white students, later realised that we had subconsciously felt the effects of the lack of teachers of colour. Having teachers of colour is important to us as people of colour because they act as role models, make us not feel alone, and have an inherent understanding of our experiences that white teachers lack. Also importantly, teachers of colour can introduce and normalise different perspectives and different schools of thought, as well as lend credibility through their position of power to these schools of thought.

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