Heavy winged - a blanket of ash

I bought this watch on sale. I figured I didn't have much to lose at the price offered, and the watch looked nice in the photo. Make no mistake - this is not a high-end watch by any means. But compared with other watches I've spent more than twice as much on this is a very nice watch. It has a large face, and the numbers are large and very luminous in the dark. No other watch I own - and some are quite expensive - can be read in the dark as well as this one. I set the time days ago with an atomic clock, and the watch is still right on time. The band on the watch is soft rubber. The rubber stretches a little which makes the watch more comfortable to wear if you fasten the band snuggly. If you want an inexpensive watch that looks good, keeps good time, and is easy to read in the dark, this S&W commando watch is well worth consideration.

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Heavy Winged - A Blanket Of AshHeavy Winged - A Blanket Of AshHeavy Winged - A Blanket Of AshHeavy Winged - A Blanket Of Ash